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Data journalism courses

Data journalism courses, a map in progress

by Daniele Palumbo

*Last update 27 November*

The spread of Data Journalism is increasingly pervading the world of communication. A specific training to this kind of journalism is becoming a priority.

Over the past three years, Open Data and Open Knowledge universities and new organizations have worldwide established themselves, creating Masters and general courses to attract journalists and students to this new trend of communication, acquiring a great success. The courses are becoming more numerous and month after month you can find more of them on the web.

DataJCrew is going to regularly update this post in order to point out all the new learning opportunities.

So far Italy doesn’t provide properly academic courses on data journalism, but many associations have offered the followings class programs and workshops:

- Corso di Data Journalism, Master in Giornalismo Scientifico Digitale, International School for Advanced Studies. The “Scuola Internazionale di Alta Formazione”, Trieste-based, is the first formative organization including a Data Journalism course scheduled in its curriculum. Sissa, in collaboration with Ahref, has designed a structured space and a corpus of hours that will allow students to learn all the basics and the technical tools so that a journalistic work completely built and focused on data can become an appreciable reality. Students will be given the possibility to enter the field of Communication, which requires high professional skills, traceable exclusively in Britain so far.

Open Data Journalism is an important course born in 2011 with the main goal to offer to the italian journalists the essential duties for a correct use of data journalism techniques. As speakers, the course have very important names such as Simon Rogers. Check always the website to be up to date about the application for the next courses

- Ahref has planned two important events of Data Journalism in Italy: the first Summer School Ahref in Data Journalism e Visualizzazione grafica dei Dati took place from August 29 to September 3, 2011 in Trentino. After this rewarding experience, shared by many Italian journalists and students of the IULM Master in Journalism, the first edition of Data Journalism School took place in Rome from May 24 to May 26 2012, with the support of Enel and Istat. The course was designed for students and professionals in the world of information and the second edition could be soon announced; it will probably be hold in November.

- The Open Knowledge Foundation and the European Journalism Center  has presented with a series of five workshops at the International Journalism Festival in Perugia in 2011, The School of Data Journalism, created to inform and educate on the world of open data and open knowledge, fundamental aspects of data journalism.


Abroad, however, the best known courses are:

- Master in Interactive Journalism, City University of London. The Master of the City of London, prepares students to better address the rapid change in online journalism, addressing two main issues: community management and data journalism. The course prepares to the journalistic techniques and to the multimedia world, keeping up with the  changes of modern communication. The course was developed by Jonathan Hewett and had as advisor Paul Bradshaw.

- Summer School, The Centre for Investigative Journalism. Each summer the ICJ organizes a summer school dedicated to data journalism in all its aspects. During the last one, held in summer between July 6 and 8, the biggest names in the data journalism world have met with students and journalists to deeply investigate the customs and the rules of data.

- Master in Online Journalism, Birmingham City University. The university of the second largest city of the United Kingdom, offers a master’s degree in online journalism, directed by Paul Bradshaw. The course aims to prepare students for digital journalism: from its creation and development to its modern achievements, such as Data Journalism and online information communities.

- Dual Degree: Journalism and Computer Science, Columbia Journalism School. The most important university for what concerns news has just set up a dual master’s degree in journalism and computer science where students will earn a high digital specialization and access to all the aspects of data mining for digital and investigative journalism. In the year of its centennial, Columbia University is about to prepare many changes and it is possible that it will be announced a more specific data Journalism course in the upcoming months.

Graduate Program in JournalismStanford University. In Stanford, the Graduate Program in Journalism offers a course in Digital Journalism that explore the different paths to show the traditional journalism with interactive and sophisticated visualizations. Moreover, the course want to include scientists, researchers and artists that want to be part of communication world.

Arthur L. Carter Journalism InstituteNew York University. Part of the Bachelor in Journalism, the Journalism Institute of the New York University, propose a course for the comprehension of the data journalism. The students will learn how to find documents and data, the techniques of data mining and how to create datasets for the public. A final project will test the knowledge acquired  by the students in order to realize data journalism reportages.

- School of Information, University of Michigan. The University of Michigan has built an entire school totally dedicated to the information theme. Also what is being offered is an Undergraduate degree and a Master of Science in Information sector, each one providing courses about data: Data Curation, introduces the essential principles and techniques for  data research and treatment, dealing with this subject through an ethical point of view; Data Manipulation and Exploratory Data Analysis shows students how to aggregate, manipulate, and analyze data through specific perspectives and with the help of visualizations and infographics; Data Mining: Methods and Applications provides a broad vision for discovering data, classifying them inside database and investigating how data can be used for different purposes; Information Visualization helps students to graphically represent the best information and the data they possess using different strategies and tools.

Computer-Assisted ReportingMissouri School of Journalism. Since 1989, the University of Missouri offers a computer-assisted reporting class with the add of the data journalism and open source key points. This course is created by David Herzog, data mapping associate professor between 2002 and 2007, teching GIS analysis and the mapping online platform.

Summer School in Data JournalismUniversity of King’s College, Halifax. This is the only Canadian university in the country to offer  data journalism courses every summer. Classes are very small, with a maximum of 10 participants, and during them is been taught to journalists how to extract data from websites, analyze and visualize them graphically.

- Especialización en contenidos para plataformas digitales, ETER escuela de comunicación. In Argentina, Buenos Aires, ETER offers this postgraduate course on new contents for digital platforms. The course is aimed at journalists, publicists, programmers and designers who want to learn about digital spread through a new productive context and the organization and visualization of a large amount of data.

- Master in Investigative and Data Journalism, and Visualization, Escuela de periodismo y comunicación. The School of journalism and communication of Madrid, in collaboration with the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, has created this autumn the first world  MA in investigative and data journalism and visualization. This ambitious educative project involves also Google, that will offer 6 scholarships to cover the 80% of the entry fee. The MA is also in close collaboration with the IRE Educator’s Center and of the Stabile Center for Investigate Journalism at Columbia University. The authors of the project are the journalists and professors Marcos García Rey and Mar Cabra.

- Periodismo de datos – Grupi de trabajo, MediaLab Prado y Civio. The Data Journalism Working Group at MediaLab Prado, a meeting point for journalists and data visualizers in Madrid. All the workshops are available online and this is the most active workgroup on Data Journalism in Spain. This Spanish experiment was created by MediaLab Prado, a laboratory which studies and spreads digital culture, hosted by the Fundacion Ciudadana Civio, an association whose aim is promoting the culture of open data in Spain. Together with Irekia, open data initiative of the Government of the Basque Country, they organized a 4-days workshop in Bilbao with more than 70 journalists, making a video course on data journalism in Spanish available on the Irekia website.

Langages et développements numériquesÉcole de Journalisme de Sciences-Po. The French journalism school Sciences-Po has formed this year the first training course in ” numerical journalism” French idiom of Data Journalism. The course consists of 6 parts that provide detailed plans on the history, techniques and the different uses of data journalism, introducing the culture of open data and open knowledge.

Data Visualization CourseUniversity of Amsterdam. Central to this course in the MA in Media Studies, is the “data society”, the increasing availability of public databases and the growth of the role of interactive data visualizations. The course website also offers practical examples of data visualization projects and insights.

Master in Data JournalismTilburg University. The Tilburg University, which is only few miles away from Eindhoven, in the Netherlands, offers from this year a MA in Data Journalism that will teach how to explore the opportunities of data journalism from four different perspectives: data research, data processing, data visualization and data publishing. These four parts are connected with the teaching of scientific methods and data processing, together with the principles and techniques of modern journalism, focusing on online information and social media.

- Data Jornalism Scholarships, Journalism and Media Studies Center, University of Hong Kong. The University of Hong Kong has entered an agreement with Google for two full scholarships for an MA in Journalism, addressed to students with a solid knowledge of computer technology. Scholarships for the 2012/2013 have already been allocated and they will allow the lucky winners to obtain a free MA aimed at developing tools for digital journalism and news gathering, reporting, data analysis and data visualization.

- Data Journalism Course, Wits University. The University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg will organize in April 2013 a course that will teach local journalists the true potential of Data Journalism. The course, however, is only open for six lucky hackers  that will learn all the secrets from two of the most influential journalists, Ron Nixon for The New York Times, and Mark Horvit from the Investigative Reporters and Editors. At the end of the course, students will be ready to enter the world of communication with excellent digital skills.

Data Journalism CourseMelbourne University.The course at the University of Melbourne explores theory and practice of Data Journalism, whereby the news is organized on a structure made of data. Students will learn how to get the keys of access to public databases, how to extract information from them, and how to make the data available through visualizations that facilitate their use for the citizens questions. The final test of the course will consist in the creation of a data reporting through the direct use of datasets in open data format.



Traslation by Daniele Palumbo and Martina Cavanna

First Update: October 11, 2012

Second Update: November 29, 2012

Third Update: June 21, 2013


Interactive map by Daniel Palumbo









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Corsi di Data journalism, una mappa in progress

Corsi di Data journalism, una mappa in progress
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